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Unloader One® OTS Knee Brace

Clinically proven to manage osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee affects your overall mobility, causing pain in the knee from a gradual degradation of the cartilage and the bone on bone contact the source of pain, inflammation and reduced mobility.

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This product requires specific measurements for fitting therefore please call us on 08450 065 065 or email [email protected] to discuss in more detail.



The Unloader One® concept is a significant innovation in knee brace design for mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis. The Unloader combines a flexible upright and Dual Dynamic Force Straps to generate more unloading leverage on the painful compartment than any Unloader to date.

Dual Dynamic Force Straps provide greater unloading leverage with a ratcheting Dynamic Force Control System that enables the wearer to adjust on-the-spot tension to relieve pain.

Liners are coated with Sensil® Silicone Technology to eliminate migration. The flexible perforated shells conform easily to patient anatomy, giving Unloader One OTS an excellent out-of-the box fit.

This product requires professional fitting from a clinical specialist. To arrange a consultation please contact us on 0845 006 40 40 or email us at [email protected] for further information. If you already own an Unloader One then you can find everything you need in our accessories and spares section.

A range of accessories for the Unloader One OTS are available here.

A range of SmartDosing accessories for the Unloader One are available here.

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a condition resulting in the degradation of cartilage within the knee joint. Cartilage acts as cushioning between the joints, therefore its removal leads to bone on bone contact which is the source of pain for sufferers and compromises mobility. Even the simplest tasks of getting in and out of the chair can become a strain. Unfortunately there is no cure but early diagnosis is essential in being able to manage the condition and keep you mobile.

What treatments are available?

The treatment options offered will depend on you as an individual and the severity of the condition, but can include healthy eating, exercise, painkillers, bracing, physiotherapy and surgery.

Firstly, eating healthy and exercising will reduce the weight being applied to the affected knee, with exercise releasing endorphins into the blood which act as natural painkillers.

Physiotherpay can help you to build strength in the surrounding muscles and ligaments of the knee so that you are less reliant on the joint to do all the work, the same way those with ligament problems build strength in the quads to counteract any instability.

Painkillers come in a variety of forms, from injections to tablets and whilst they are designed to manage the pain they do fail to address the root cause of the problem.

Bracing can come in the form of the Unloader One, helping to offload the forces from the affected side of the knee, thereby reducing bone on bone contact and helping to improve your mobility.

Surgery is often seen as a last resort and can be either a partial or full knee replacement which can take up to six months to full recover from. Knee replacements have a lifespan of around 10-15 years which is why it is not suitable for many patients given you don't want to have a replacement of the replacement further down the line.

What to do if you think you have OA?

If you believe you are suffering from OA then it is important to seek a professional diagnosis, from which you can discuss the options available to you with your doctor which may include a range of the aforementioned treatment options.

The Unloader One in action

Dr Sheila Strover once challenged Össur to show the Unloader One in action and the affect it could have after being worn for the very first time in managing knee pain. You can see all the interviews on the KNEEguru website but here is a preview of Mike.

Additional videos showing the Unloader One in action are available on the Össur website in the videos section.

Features & Benefits


  • Dual Dynamic Force Straps increase unloading capabilities and eliminate rotational tendencies caused by a single strap 
  • The SmartDosing® system allows a user to easily fine tune the the Dual Dynamic Force Straps
  • Colour-coded Quick fit buckles with leverage arms enable easy application and removal without the need for strap adjustment 
  • An Aerospacer base material coated with Össur Sensil® Silicone technology results in a breathable padding that won't migrate 
  • Flexible, low-profile upright contours to patient anatomy and allows use underneath clothing 
  • Quick Connect Strapping for tool-free removal and replacement 
  • Lightweight frame is perforated for flexibility and ventilation 
  • Suitable for all activity levels 
  • Available off the shelf in 5 sizes, left & right
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