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Spares & Accessories

Spares & Accessories

Össur’s range of braces and supports are designed to reduce pain and keep you active. Some of our braces contain pads and liners which will need to be cleaned from time to time to keep it fresh and in full working order. To ensure the brace can be in use when needed, spares and accessories are available for braces such as the Unloader One, the CTi and the Rebound Diabetic Walker.

Spares and accessories are designed to extend the life of your brace and keep it performing the way it was intended to. The CTi has a host of spares and accessories available, from keeping your brace in top condition to adapting it for certain extreme sports. For those involved in motocross for example  then the use of a patella cup is now seen as common place, helping to protect your knee cap against injury should you fall from your bike, a product also available as part of a specifically designed motocross kit.

The Unloader One is designed as a long term solution to help offset the need for knee replacement surgery and as such you want your knee protected fully every time you wear it. Over time you may find that the straps or pads can become worn following wear and tear, but rather than buying a brand new brace a variety of spares and accessories options are available (everything apart from the shell) to help restore your brace.

For users of the Rebound Walker boot there are a range of accessories to maintain the cleanliness of the boot and protect it from the elements including outdoor covers.

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