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Prolite AFO for Drop Foot

Rigid 'L' shaped design to prevent your foot from dropping

Drop Foot is a common condition and can be brought on as a result of damage or injury to the brain, spinal cord or nerves in the leg. It also increases the risks of trips and falls from a dragging of the front foot.

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Which conditions can I use it for?

  • Drop Foot

  • Weak Dorsiflexors

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    The Prolite AFO™ (ankle foot orthosis) is a comfortable, low profile prefabricated leaf spring design for correction of flaccid drop foot, especially on post-stroke patients. It is made from injection moulded polypropylene and allows for different thicknesses throughout the orthosis and thicker on the vertical aspect for rigidity, thinner footplate for ease of trimming, comfort and flexibility. The Prolite fits comfortably to the wearer whilst giving them the confidence to keep mobile to treat drop foot.

    Features & Benefits


    • Available in 4 sizes, left and right in both standard and extra strong versions Injection-moulded for a high quality finish
    • The low profile Össur AFO is designed to correct flaccid foot drop following CVA or other neurological impairment 
    • Rigid vertical aspect for greater control 
    • Easily trimmed footplate 
    • May be heat modified for minor fitting adjustments 
    • Dorsum strap included as a no-cost option 
    • Removable / washable soft laminate calf padding for improved comfort and hygiene 
    Sizing Information


    Prolite AFO

    Prolite AFO
    SizeFoot lengthBrace HeightLeftRight
    Small 24cm 26.5cm 3500OP 3505OP
    Medium 28cm 28.5cm 3501OP 3506OP
    Large 28cm 33cm 3502OP 3507OP
    X-Large 30cm 39cm 3503OP 3508OP


    Extrastrong Prolite AFO

    Extrastrong Prolite AFO
    SizeFoot lengthBrace HeightLeftRight
    Small 24cm 26.5cm 3520BLU 3525BLU
    Medium 28cm 28.5cm 3521BLU 3526BLU
    Large 28cm 33cm 3522BLU 3527BLU
    X-Large 30cm 39cm 3523BLU 3528BLU

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