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Injury A-Z

Injury A-Z

Both professionals and amateurs alike are susceptible to sports injuries, regardless of your fitness levels. Warming up before exercise and cooling down afterwards are integral parts of playing sport, however sometimes pushing the body too far or playing a contact sport can lead to a sprain or joint condition and a spell on the sidelines.

Different Types of Sports Injuries

This section offers an injury glossary on some of the common types of injuries experienced for each area of the body, from ankle injuries to arm and elbow injuries, detailing the types of injuries incurred and the rehabilitation undertaken.

Pain is a common occurrence following injury, as is inflammation of the affected area which can affect your range of motion. Injuries can affect all areas of the body including the muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints and even the cartilage.

The majority of sports injuries occur as a result of overuse though can equally occur by accident, failing to warm up correctly or sufficiently, using inadequate sports equipment, having a poor technique and pushing yourself too far. Whilst we may always want to strife to be the best and push ourselves there is a limit which, when crossed can increase the risk of injury.

Unfortunately we are all likely to succumb to sports injuries at some stage in our lives, though equally we are just as likely to injure ourselves carrying out our daily tasks such as straining our back when lifting something heavy or slipping in the ice and spraining our ankle.

By playing an increased amount of sport you are increasing your chances of injury, though there are a number of ways you can work to minimise the risk of injury, as discussed. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle far out way the risks of injury with improved fitness helping to reduce the risk of serious illnesses in later life, helping to maintain a healthy weight as well as improving your own sense of wellbeing.

Following any injury it is always important to remain positive and see it as a minor setback which you will recover from and return stronger than before. With a variety of options designed to help with your recovery from physiotherapy to sports bracing all you need to do is to remain positive and maintain focussed on achieving your goal.

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