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Injury Information

Injury Information

Welcome to the Össur Webshop Injury Information section.

We’ve put together a whole section to offer you key information relating to common sporting injuries, degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis and tendonitis and work place related injuries as well as offering injury advice.

Information is categorised by area of the body, common injuries and conditions, injuries based on sport, work related injuries and a number of how to guides and tutorials to help you manage your condition.

The importance of a professional diagnosis

We all want to stay clear of injury, though sometimes it is unavoidable. In the event of incurring an injury it is important to obtain a diagnosis, the best route to achieving rehabilitation and a means by which further injury can be prevented in the future.

A sprained ankle for example can vary in its severity, with three different grades, which can determine the treatment offered and the type of bracing required. A grade one is the least serious and typically rest, some ice to manage the inflammation and a compressive brace will manage it effectively. A grade two injury may require a strapped support to offer stability as well as a longer period of recovery including physiotherapy. A grade three will typically result in surgery along with a period of immobilisation, from which a stability brace will need to be worn in conjunction with physiotherapy.

Anatomical Man

A professional diagnosis will be able to determine the injury grading, ensuring that the treatment and any bracing products offered are designed to manage the specific condition incurred.

We also offer an injury diagnosis tool to help you identify the root cause of your pain.

Sports injury management

Sports injuries vary from sport to sport, but one thing is true in that at some stage we are all likely to incur a sporting injury. The most important thing to remember is to stop what you are doing and rest in order to minimise the chances of causing further damage. A slight strain or sprain can become something more serious should you decide to play on and push through the pain.

Knee Injury Running

The RICE approach is often referred to in the immediate aftermath of an injury in rest, the use of ice and compression through bracing to help manage inflammation and elevation of the affected region above the level of the heart to slow down the flow of blood to the area.

Should there be no signs of improvement following a few days of the following the RICE principles then you should seek medical advice.

Following recovery from the initial injury you need to work on strengthening the affected region, helping you to return to action fitter and stronger than before. The injury sustained will determine the type of rehabilitation treatment required but if in doubt speak with a physiotherapist or sports therapist.

When returning to your chosen sport you should do so gradually to minimise the risk of it reoccurring. If you sprain your ankle when playing football it would be ill-advised to go sprinting down the touchline the moment you enter the pitch again. Knowing your limits is important.

What can the Össur Webshop offer?

The Össur Webshop has been designed to offer a variety of braces and supports for all manner of injuries, both sporting and non-sporting related. Each brace is designed to cater for a specific type of injury, therefore it is essential that you understand your injury so that you are able to select the most appropriate brace.

Form Fit Ankle

Should you require any further assistance in selecting the correct brace, feel free to contact us where a member of our Customer Care Team will be happy to help.


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