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Even Up for Walker Boots

Innovative even up shoe leveller designed to help equalise healthy limb length when in a walker boot and even up leg length

Wearing a walker boot while recovering from an injury or operation can leave a discrepancy in limb length that should be addressed with a shoe leveller, helping to walk more naturally and placing less stress on the hip joint.

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  • Walker Boot

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The Even Up shoe leveller is a lightweight device which fits over your existing shoe. This adds an additional 2.5cm to your existing sole height. It should be worn in conjunction with a walker boot to act as a shoe balancer. This ensures both legs are the same length.

Universal by design, it can be worn on either the left or the right foot and can be used in conjunction with any walker boot.


A walker boot is worn post surgery or following broken bones. Its main purpose to protect the foot and/or ankle but also allow you to remain mobile. This is something a traditional cast is unable to offer. The limitation however is that the walker boot has a thicker sole than conventional shoes. The rigid structure, designed to protect, results in you having one leg longer than the other. Having a disparity in leg length can be uncomfortable, slow you down and have a negative impact on the hip joint as your alignment is off.

This is where the Even Up comes in. It is worn on the unaffected foot to essentially increase your leg length and provide a more natural walking experience to reduce the stress on your hip joint.


Simply slip the device over your existing shoe and place the strap in place on top of your shoe so that it stays in place. From here you are good to go.

The EVA sole also acts as a shock absorber when walking to provide additional cushioning and comfort.


Selecting the correct size is always important with any bracing product, especially here to ensure that the device stays in place when mobile. There are 3 different sizes available, all relating to shoe size. There are 3 different sizes, all relating to your shoe size.

Features & Benefits


  • Equalises the patient's lower limb length when walking in a leg or boot cast
  • Orthopedic boot padding or even up shoe balancer which can be used with any walker boot
  • Evens the length of lower limbs if one leg is shorter than the other for easier manoeuvring
  • Adjustable with nylon straps
  • Fits to your existing footwear
  • Fits various shoe sizes with a universal left/right design
  • Durable EVA sole for shock absorption
  • Height is 2.5cm
Sizing Information


Please note: shoe size is required in order to select the correct Even-Up. The product is universal and can be worn on the left or right foot.

Product Code Size Shoe Size UK Shoe Size EU
10350 Small 2 - 5 34 - 38
10351 Medium 5 1/2 - 9 39 - 43
10352 Large 9 1/2 - 11 44 - 46
Feefo Reviews

Feefo Reviews - Average 93% (121 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
23-Sep-2021 Product:

Brilliant and essential product if you intend walking a lot in a Vacoped boot Thanks for reaching out.
09-Sep-2021 Product:

Exactly what I needed. Adjustable so you can use with a variety of different shoe heights to achieve even heights between both feet when wearing a walker boot. Looks surprisingly good, is very comfortable and does the job. Has completely eliminated my lower back pain which started when I first had... Read More.
04-Jul-2021 Product:

It does exactly what it says, it evens up your gait
25-Jun-2021 Product:

As mentioned earlier an essential item if you have the misfortune of wearing an orthopaedic boot. They keep you upright and prevent back pain and referred pain to your hips, knees and ankles. Excellent
25-Jun-2021 Product:

Easy to fit and use and were comfortable to wear
22-Jun-2021 Product:

Quick delivery and service
07-Jun-2021 Product:

They work really well when it comes to balancing out the orthopedic boot, only issue was the sizing chart on the webpage didn't match the product, should be corrected now. Great feedback.

06-Jun-2021 Product:

A great solution to lopsided walking with Airwalker boot. It has change my life for the 12 weeks I need the boot! Thanks for this lovely feedback.
05-Jun-2021 Product:

Evenup to balance my foot with cast. Made a complete difference in standing up from sitting and walk with crutches. Cannot stress how much difference this made to me. Great product which I didn't know existed until I needed it. Thanks for this detailed feedback.
03-Jun-2021 Product:

Before I used even up my hip was beginning to ache
03-Jun-2021 Product:

Very basic design but it works.
28-May-2021 Product:

Really helpful for walking with moonboot, saves your hips and back.
16-May-2021 Product:

The raiser has lived up to the product description on line, and been a really useful purchase! (I would have been very lopsided without it as I have to wear a boot for at least 4 weeks).
13-May-2021 Product:

Broken ankle. After 10 days given Walker boot. Really difficult to walk because of the height difference in shoes. This attachment for normal trainers is safe, secure and enabled me to walk confidently with the Walker boot on the other foot. Would highly recommend.
08-May-2021 Product:

Suffered bad back pain whilst in a walker boot, the Even Up was a revelation. It levelled me up, posture greatly improved and the back pain disappeared after a few days. I wished I had known about this from the start, a big thank you!
07-May-2021 Product:

It gave me too much height on shorter leg. It was also abit small to fit on trainer shoe. Please see my service feedback
03-May-2021 Product:

Easy to use, adaptable and effective
29-Apr-2021 Product:

Great product quick delivery
25-Apr-2021 Product:

Brilliant way of keeping level while wearing an orthopaedic boot on the other leg. Or even if after hip surgery for example you are not even on either side.
23-Apr-2021 Product:

Such a helpful, easy to use item.
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Feefo reviews : Average 93% (121 reviews)

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