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CTi® OTS Knee Brace

Off the shelf and manufactured from carbon fibre and designed for use in extreme and contact sports

Extreme sports account for over 40% of all ACL injuries incurred in the UK. If surgery is recommended to repair or replace the ACL then you can expect to be out of action for up to 1 year.

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Which conditions can I use it for?

  • Mild to Severe ACL Sprains & Tears

  • Mild to Severe LCL Sprains & Tears

  • Mild to Severe MCL Sprains & Tears

  • Mild to Severe PCL Sprains & Tears (when using the PCL kit)

Before buying your CTi read our 4 step guide to see if it's suitable for you!

Official Knee Brace of the GB Park & Pipe Team

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A guide to buying your CTi.....

Before you buy your CTi there are a few important to steps you need to consider.

For further information read our complete CTi Buying Guide:

1. Check that the CTi is the right brace for you and your chosen sport. The CTi is great at offering support following ligament damage but if you just need something to walk to the shops then perhaps a soft knee support will do the job.

2. Measure yourself correctly for the brace. If you don't measure correctly you may end up with the wrong size which means you might not be fully protected. Let's be honest, if you don't know what size shoes to buy you measure your feet so you get the right size and it's the same for braces.

3. Once you receive your brace you need to take a look at our fitting video before heading out. If you don't fit it correctly then the brace may not offer the support and protection it is designed to offer. If you don't tie your shoe laces then you'd expect to fall over, if you don't secure your brace then it won't do what it's supposed to do.

Remember, you can order your CTi online and fit it yourself (using our helpful videos) or give us a call and have it fitted at a clinic near you for £499.

What is the CTi?

Introduced thirty years ago to stabilise and protect ligaments and cartilage, the tried and tested CTi design has evolved over time. The central concept, however, remains the same – a static support system consisting of a rigid frame and non-elastic straps.

The CTi® OTS substitutes elements of the rigid CTi® frame with flexible subshells, providing adjustability and an excellent out-of-the-box fit while maintaining the level of support and protection that you would expect from a CTi® knee brace.

What are the advantages of the CTi?

With the CTi, the rigid, carbon composite frame supports the shinbone, providing the brace-to-bone contact that’s crucial for maximum stabilisation of the knee joint.

In comparison, non-rigid braces tend to fail under significant stress and braces that substitute soft tissue containment for brace-to-bone contact usually have increased migration problems (i.e. the brace moves during your activity).

CTi’s claim to fame and superiority over alternative dynamic systems is borne out by thousands of satisfied sports people, as well as top surgeons and associated knee specialists. Here are some of the key design features your knees can rely on.

A rigid frame and non-elastic straps for top performance

Together they create maximum stabilisation for the knee and prevent those excessive movements that can lead to ligament injury.

Accutrac® hinge for natural motion

In-depth analysis of natural leg motion led to a patented four-bar linkage system, which means the CTi accurately mimics the natural (brace-free) movement of the leg and allows a wide range of motion.

Sensil® Silicone for air flow and performance

An aerospacer base mesh fabric coated with super skin-friendly Sensil silicone creates a breathable padding system for the CTi, which virtually eliminates migration keeping the brace firmly in position.

Total Support

No matter which ligaments you have injured, or want to protect from injury, the CTi can help. It also supports against cartilage damage. Properly fitted, the brace can help prevent the small twisting movements in the knee and prevent the ligaments from moving excessively.

ACL Support

The firm contact between brace and shin prevents the forward movement and the rotation of the knee. The non-elastic strap on the thigh provides a counter force which helps to stabilise the knee.

MCL & LCL Support

The rigidity across the hinges means that the brace supports the ligaments either side of your knee, helping to control medial and lateral instability.

PCL Support

An additional strap on the front of the thigh and a supporting plate on the back of the calf prevents the shin bone from moving backward. Alternatively you can order a PCL version of the OTS.

Please note that the CTi PCL Knee Brace is only available through our partner clinics. For more information please speak to a member of our Customer Care Team.

What are my options?

There are a number of CTi OTS options depending on your requirements and the sport you wish to use it for.

Standard versus Pro Sport

The CTi® OTS is available in Standard and Pro Sport models, with an additional PCL (posterior cruciate ligaments) option for combined ligament instabilities.

The Pro Sport is designed for contact sports and has extra layers of carbon fibre, to withstand impact. If you’re not looking to wear it for a contact sport then the standard version will suffice.

PCL Version

If you are looking to manage a PCL injury then you should select the PCL version, where the PCL kit comes pre-fitted and helping to control the shin bone by preventing it from moving forward beyond its normal range of motion.

Bi-Lateral (Pro Sport)

Where you are involved in sports such as motocross many riders opt to purchase a set of bi-laterals (pair) in the first instance in order to protect both knees. This sport looks at bracing more prophylactically (prevention) rather than post injury as with other sports.

The pair consists of two Pro Sport versions of the OTS knee brace.

Bi-Lateral with MX Kits (Pro Sport)

This version of the bi-lateral Pro Sport knee braces include a motocross (MX) kit for each of the braces with consists of a Patella Cup, Sleeve, Gear Guards and CTi Stickers. The MX kit is available at no additional charge, so if you need one then make sure you select it on the product page.

Features & Benefits


  • Total Support System™ provides support for ACL, MCL, LCL rotary and combined instabilities
  • An optional PCL kit can be added to provide support following injury to the posterior cruciate ligament
  • Hand-laminated, pre-preg carbon fibre construction provides true rigid support
  • Frame shape is low-profile and contours to the leg, making it suitable for a variety of physical activities
  • Anatomically-correct Accutrac™ hinges with extension stops track the natural movement of the knee
  • Sensil® breathable lining increases comfort and reduces slippage
  • Flexible lower cuff provides increased protection against rotational forces
  • Constructed from non-corroding materials, enabling use for water sports
  • Available in 5 sizes, left and right
Sizing Information


Circumference measurement at the bottom of the knee cap.

Having trouble getting the correct measurement? Check out our measuring video.


Size Circumference
Small 28 - 34cm
Medium 34 - 38cm
Large 38 - 41cm
X-Large 41 - 44cm
XX-Large 44 - 48cm
Feefo Reviews

Feefo Reviews - Average 93% (15 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
30-Oct-2021 Product:

See previous comment for how much I love this brace.
27-Aug-2021 Product:

It’s advertised as carbon but it’s heavy and under the carbon black paint is a white material very much like a reinforced plastic.. in use the brace slides down the leg .. I have since reverted back to using a much cheaper sleeved brace. It’s definitely a product that is too expensive for what it does... Read More. Please see my service feedback.
14-Aug-2021 Product:

Love the product, really pleased with the knee brace
13-May-2021 Product:

It’s such high quality and gives my son the confidence that everything is possible with no ACL
He has managed to continue with all extreme sports as he did before his Snapped ACL
Thanks to the Surgeon for the recommendation and Ossur for giving him his life back !
This is lovely feedback - we really appreciate it
28-Apr-2021 Product:

Delivered promptly. Good quality stuff. Fitting instructions could be better?
04-Apr-2021 Product:

Netjes! Lak wordt wel al aangetast wel al na één keer dragen. Niet ernstig viel me wel op.
28-Jul-2020 Product:

Really good knee brace, which reduces the pain that I get from my knee. Thank you for the product feedback, please see our service feedback.
05-Mar-2020 Product:

Despite 20 years away from skiing due to a complex double ligament injury, the CTI OTS knee brace gave me the confidence and support to enjoy a fantastic week back on the mountain. So comfortable I forgot I was wearing it; so effective I forgot about the rupture of 2 ligaments in a nasty fall on the... Read More.
29-Feb-2020 Product:

Great little brace to continue with my rehab of a multi reconstruction of all my ligaments plus meniscus repair. Tried it out a couple of days later getting on Steady Freddie (stationary made up horse with a saddle)knee was supported well and it gave me confidence to dismount. Easy to put on just... Read More. Thanks again for this lovely feedback, really pleased to hear the brace is working for you.
09-Feb-2020 Product:

26-Jan-2020 Product:

Really happy with my purchase, the only reason I didn't give 5 stars its that I would have really like to go somewhere for a fitting. Thanks again for this.

We have looked at this option, however we instead offer a free return service for people to try on at home.

Again, we appreciate lovely feedback.
16-Jan-2020 Product:

Easy transaction, arrived promptly. Thanks again.
09-Dec-2019 Product:

excellent piece of kit Lovely feedback - thanks
27-Sep-2019 Product:

Knee brace was to use following a motorcycle accident as the NHS had let me down over the course of several weeks and then ordered the wrong brace. As soon as I fitted it (which was very easy due to the design and instructions), I could walk much better and have not once had a problem while wearing... Read More. This is lovely feedback, glad to hear we have been able to assist.

Thanks again for getting in touch.
26-Aug-2018 Product:

I use it for Kitesurfing and so far it helped me tremendously. Used it in extreme conditions, big jumps etc... protected my knee perfectly. The only thing I would suggest make sure you get the right size and fit it properly any deviation could be an issue. Ossur has great simple videos explaining you sizing... Read More. Afternoon

Thank you taking time to feedback to us. It is great to hear that you are finding the brace suitable for you.

In regards to the sizing, yes you are correct, we have on line videos and some customers will take the additional option to have one fitted by one of our...
Read More.
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Feefo reviews : Average 93% (15 reviews)

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