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Liquid Force

Liquid Force

n 1985 Tony Finn, a surfer from San Diego, combined water-skis and a surf board to create a wakeboard, which was towed behind a boat but was limited to carving moves across the wake as there were no foot straps. He soon added bindings, developing his ‘skurfer board’.



In the meantime, another American surfer, Jimmy Redmon from Austin, also tried surfing behind a boat. He worked in a surf shop and used his skills and knowledge to modify surfboards to be used for this purpose. Incorporating foot straps from the very beginning, his boards soon took off and he quit university to set up his own wakeboard company. In 1988 he founded the World Wakeboard Association (WWA), the sport's governing body, which in turn created several competitions and outlined the rules and regulations of the sport.

The guys at Liquid Force now sell everything from boards to equipment to clothing to boats, as well at some great pages on the technology which exists in the sport.In 1991 these former competitors and rivals joined forces in the creation of the company Waketech, specialising in board design and innovation. They became so successful that it led to the creation of Liquid Force in 1995 which continues to be a leading brand in the world of wakeboarding.

Liquid Force

CTi are proud to be associated with Liquid Force.

We also love the first ever promotional video for the brand.



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