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Rosie Rowett

Rosie Rowett

“[My CTi knee braces] have saved my legs on many occasions, I wouldn't be without them.”

Rosie is a young lady striving fro recognition in a very male dominated sport that has very few ladies competing due to its unforgiving demands on fitness and determination. She competes in national events throughout the UK, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Her technical abilities from her past trial riding, combined with natural endurance abilities, have served her well and she is one of the few female riders to attempt extreme conditions. As you would expect however she approaches these with the same enthusiasm as at a local event - all out for the win!

The team plans to consolidate its achievements this season while making plans to venture into new arenas, where the competition may be more intense but motivation to beat the best in the world is stronger than ever. All this has been made possible with ongoing support from her existing sponsors as well as the new ones welcomed on board. Rosie's parents will continue to provide their unwavering support, without whom non of this would be possible.

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