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Motorsports Athletes

Motorsports Athletes

The term motorsport is commonly used to encompass competitive sporting involving the use of motorised vehicles however, the term is also used to describe a number of variations of competition of two wheeled motorised vehicles.

The CTi knee brace is commonly used by dirt bike riders as a part of their safety equipment to protect their knees against potential injury.


Motocross is a type of off-road racing for motorcycles enjoyed by thousands worldwide. Racers compete on specially designed bikes across closed, off-road dirt tracks in a fight to the finish, with the tracks themselves consisting of all manner of natural and artificial bumps, jumps and obstacles. The sport enjoys a wide level of popularity both in the UK and worldwide, with a number of competitions organised into sub-disciplines and engine capabilities.

Motocross, as with all motor-racing sports, requires a certain level of protective equipment to be worn at all times when competing or training. Due to the nature of the sport, motocross can be inherently dangerous, though the likelihood of suffering different types of injury varies between different disciplines. The most common injuries, aside from broken collar bones, wrists and ankles, are acromio vacular (shoulder) joint sprains and anterior cruciate ligament (knee) ruptures, which while not life threatening can still be extremely painful and inconvenient. These injuries can be mitigated and protected by specially made braces and supports that mainly fall into two categories: preventative braces that protect against injury; and rehabilitative ones, which help injuries to heal by restricting excess movement that may cause harm.


Enduro is a dirt motorcycling sport that takes competitors through their paces with a series of descents; therefore, a good set of brakes is a necessity. The competitions usually take place off-road in challenging terrain, with further obstacles put in place to push the riders to their limits.

Enduro, as with most other dirt biking sports, is undeniably hazardous. Hurtling downhill on uneven and slippery tracks at great speeds can never be risk free, although measures sch as helmets and hardwearing clothing can help to soften the blow of an impact. Despite the high chance of injury, rates are reasonably low and most injuries sustained tend to be relatively minor.


Freestyle Motocross or FMX is an exciting and visually impressive variation of motocross, a form of off-road motorcycle racing. In FMX, the goal is not a simply to win the race but to impress the judges with your overall riding skills. This is done by performing stunts and tricks, including jumps.

The main piece of equipment that an FMX rider has is obviously their motorcycle. In the early days of the sport this would most likely be a modified road motorcycle but now it is likely to be a purpose-made motocross bike. Other than that, the bulk of the equipment they have is geared towards protecting their safety in what in undeniably a potentially dangerous sport.


Supermoto is a demanding and exhilarating track sport that began as a motorbiking hybrid but is now a fully fledged sport in its own right. It combines the courage and control of road racing with the challenge and speed of motocross all on a single circuit. Riders must prove their mettle on two distinct surfaces, as the average tarmac circuit also has an additional dirt or off-road section.

Fortunately for riders, spectators and enthusiasts alike, with preparation and the appropriate attire the risks can be greatly reduced. Riders commonly wear road-racing leathers or an "armoured" jersey or jacket. Knee braces and shin guards are commonly used to provide support, along with durable boots and an excellent motocross helmet. Helmets should met strict safety standards and should also be replaced as often as necessary. Gloves can protect the hands from injury also.


Quadbiking as a sport covers any form of high adrenalin off-road driving of a four wheeled vehicle with low pressure tyres, namely quads or quad bikes. These vehicles are sometimes referred to as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), as they are designed to be driven over any kind of ground, no matter how rocky or muddy, root-covered, wet, dry or even icy. Quads are mostly driven by a single rider who sits astride the vehicle sterring it by turning its handlebars.

There is no getting away from the fact that quad biking can be a dangerous sport, resulting in serious injuries and fatalities; nevertheless, riders can protect themselves from many of the more minor common injuries of the sport by wearing suitable protective gear. It is vital to ensure that all equipment conforms to the most recent safety regulations.

Mountain Biking

In the two centuries since the concept of two-wheeled transport formed the foundation for the development of modern bikes, humanity has fallen in love with and perpetually evolved these pedal-powered machines.

Cycling as a sport is venerable, with the first race thought to have taken place in 1868 at a time when frames were made of wood and the wheels were plain iron with no rubber to cushion them. However while road based competitions have been common for a long time, it is only since the 1970s that BMX and mountain biking have emerged, first as leisure activities and eventually as world-renowned competitive events.

For BMX and mountain biking, the list of injuries that are most common can be fairly consistent across both sports. Every rider can expect to encounter cuts, grazes and bruises, whether caused by a fall from the bike, the wear and tear of long stints in the saddle, or a slip-up that results in an impact from the pedals or the frame.

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