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How is it made?

How is it made?

CTi is a name that has been around since 1983. After all this time the CTi brand is still the leading the design in knee bracing with thousands of happy users around the world.

So what goes into the making of making a truly custom, truly exceptional ligament brace?

A very common question when ordering a custom CTi is “how long will the process take”? As ever with these kind of questions, there is a short and a long answer:

Short answer – Two weeks

Long answer – Two weeks – but here’s the why…

It is important to remember that a truly bespoke brace should fit like a glove. Achieving this level of customisation combines state-of-the-art technology and hand finishing for an exceptionally individual and personalised brace.

The finished product is the result of a number of steps:

  • MEASURING – we need to record the specifics of the knee the brace is for. This is now done using digital photography. Using either the SmartMeasure App for iPhone, or the Digital Measuring system, a visual representation is taken of the knee from different angles. More traditional methods can still be used to record leg measurements at specific points on the leg and knee however the advent of new technology has made the process as simple as taking a couple of photos and completing an online form.
  • The raw data provided is used to create a surrogate 3d foam model of the leg. Working around this model the brace can be sculpted exactly to the contours of the customer’s leg.
  • Using CNC technology (Computer Numerical Control), combined with CAD (Computer Aided Design), the carbon fibre for the brace is exactly cut and routed. 
  • The hinge arms are shaped to the contours of the surrogate knee model and fine-tuned for exact alignment.
  • The carbon fibre frame is then heat-moulded by hand to the match the shape of the leg.
  • At this stage the carbon fibre is “cured” under pressure.
  • Technology is all well and good but for a truly personalised brace the next refinements are done by hand. This is a multi-stage process to further refine the fit and comfort of the brace. This is where years of experience and technique enhance the personalisation.
  • Now the brace is ready for painting and finishing. The options available will have been discussed when the brace was initially being measured.

Choose from the palette of 12 stock colours

Choose an established design…

… or if you have an idea for a unique personalised design all that is needed is a sample of what is required so the design team can evaluate and quote a cost.

The design team have asked me to point out “the only limit is your imagination”.

  • At this stage the 4 bar linkage system in the hinge is activated. More intricate than a simple pivot, the Accutrac™ hinge closely matches the natural movement of the knee to protect and support the ligaments.
  • The Sensil® silicone liners and straps are then custom cut to size by hand.

Once the brace is completed and fitted it can be customised with the addition of shims and different thicknesses of condyle pad to provide even better fit and function.

The CTi now incorporates reversible D-rings to hold the straps which can be mounted inside or outside the frame for improved comfort options.

Extension stops slot easily into the hinges to control the level of extension to prevent the knee from over-extending.

A conversion kit means the CTi can be converted from an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) brace to a PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) brace.

With all the art and science working together to make a truly individual and personalised brace, Össur is confident enough to provide a lifetime warranty on the frame and hinges against any mechanical or manufacturing defects.

See for yourself the art and science of the CTi truly custom, truly exceptional brace.

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