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Explore the CTi OTS Knee Brace

CTi OTS Brace 


The CTi OTS is an off-the-shelf brace with a flexible subshell and adjustable tibial strap.

It provides adjustability and has an excellent out-of-the-box fit to help maintain the level of support and protection required to protect yourself from a knee injury as well as recover from such damage.


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The CTi knee brace is designed to offer maximum support and protection to prevent and help recovery from knee ligament damage. The brace stops you from making small twisting movements of the joint to protect the ligaments from moving excessively and beyond their normal range of motion.

Ligaments within the knee joint give us stability and allow us to walk, run and jump, so any damage to the joint compromises mobility.

Athletes Using CTi

Today, CTi Knee Braces is known the world over and worn by many extreme sports athletes, including Shaun Simpson, Billy Morgan, Lee Debuse, Katie Summerhayes and Andrew Cotton to just name a few.

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About CTi Knee Braces

Since 1983, the CTi has been providing protection ad support to the knee joint. The initial idea and designs from the brace came from Californian Jim Castillo - a keen motocross rider and skier who severely damaged his knee after being hit by a car.

Named after the carbon frame and titanium hinges that make up the brace, the first one was sold to a motocross rider. It has since become a staple piece of kit for many professionals from various sporting disciplines, including skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and mountain biking.

The introduction of the off-the-shelf version of the brace in 1994 cemented the CTi’s place within the extreme sports market by providing a less expensive and adjustable option that still maintains the high level of control that the principles of the brace were designed upon.

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