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Össur Formfit®

Össur Formfit®

Manufactured by Össur, the Össur Formfit® range has been designed by continuously pushing the boundaries to create some of the most effective orthotic solutions on the market. Össur are renowned for innovation in the design of lower limb prosthetics and liners and it is this technology which has been utilised in the development of the Form Fit range.

The Össur Formfit® range of braces and supports cover everything needed to manage common injuries pertaining to the ankle, knee and elbow. Manufactured from neoprene they are designed to offer compression to help manage inflammation and reduce swelling following injury and on your return to action.

What options are available?

Össur Formfit® offers a complete range of injury management solutions from walker boots and ankle supports to knee supports and wrist supports.

The latest range of Össur Formfit® products have now been released.

Össur Formfit® Knee


Össur Formfit® Walker


Össur Formfit® Wrist


3 reasons that customers choose Össur:

  • Trusted by the NHS, doctors and clinicians
  • Over 1 million braces sold worldwide
  • Free standard delivery on all UK orders