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Knee Supports & Braces

Knee Supports & Braces

Why should I wear a knee brace?

A knee support or brace can be worn to either prevent an injury (prophylactic) or following an injury to offer additional support during your recovery.

In preventing injury the brace is typically manufactured from a solid material like carbon fibre. This is designed to withstand impact and protect your knee from injury i.e. falling off a bike. Following an injury a support can either offer compression, stability or a combination of both. Compression is used to manage inflammation and with it pain. Hinges and straps act as external ligaments to support you when mobile.

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The Össur Webshop Knowledge Centre

Selecting the right support or brace can be challenging. At the Össur Webshop we try to make things simple so that you can find the one you need fast. On the left hand side of the screen we have a list of filters so you can choose by brace type or the injury you wish to manage.

If you’re still unsure which knee support to select then feel free to contact us a member of our team can help.

Which level of support do I need?

The type of knee injury sustained and its severity will influence the level of support your knee needs. Here’s an idea of what to look out for.

Low: A low level of support is normally designed to offer compression to help manage inflammation. Some options include straps to offer an additional level of compression and a mild degree of support. In all cases they do not include hinges.

Moderate: Where there is instability following knee ligament damage a moderate level of support may be required. This can help offer both compression and stability when mobile. The straps work to hold the knee and prevent movements which would stretch the damaged ligament.

High: A high level of support is required following a serious knee injury or where there is a degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis. This also includes prophylactic bracing designed for use in extreme sports. These braces use superior hinges to offer both stability and compression. In the case of extreme sports the knee brace is normally manufactured from carbon fibre (or other high grade material) to offer protection against impact.

Can I wear a brace for sport?

Yes and no.

You should check the rules of the sport you’re playing as to whether you’re allowed to wear your knee support. In contact sports any support with a hinge is prohibited due to the risk cause to an opponent. Knee sleeves are compliant, providing they don’t have a hinge.

If you’re sport doesn’t have such rules or if you’re simply going for a run then yes it can be worn. This is the purpose in offering the knee support when active.

Which injuries can they treat?

Every injury is different, as is every brace. Before selecting a product it’s important to get a diagnosis as the wrong brace may adversely affect your recovery.

In general a brace can be used to manage the majority of injuries, from sprains and strains to knee ligament damage and issues with the patella (knee cap).

How do knee sleeves work?

A sleeve is a product which is pulled over the knee. Often referred to as compression knee sleeves they’re designed to manage inflammation in the joint and the surrounding area. This can help to reduce pain. Some variations of the product include hinges which can help with stability i.e. where there is ligament damage in the joint.

Will I always need to wear one?

It depends on the injury and your activity.

Typically a knee support brace should be worn as part of your recovery plan i.e. rest, physiotherapy, gentle exercise etc. They are designed to offer support when you need it the most, rather than relying on the support long term.

For degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis or when playing sport then this changes. Due to the inherent weakness in the joint a support may be worn when active to either offer support or minimise the risk of further injury. Where an injury is concerned it can also improve your own confidence knowing you have an additional layer of support.

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