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Rebound Foot-Up® for Drop Foot

Optimised drop foot control for when you are active

Drop Foot refers to a weakening of the muscles that allow one to flex the ankle and toes and your ability to walk unaided. There is an increased risk in trips and falls which can cause further more serious injuries.

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Which conditions can I use it for?

  • Drop-foot

  • Disorders that require dorsiflexion support

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Rebound Foot-Up® is a lightweight ankle foot orthosis (AFO) that offers dynamic support for drop foot or related disorders that require dorsiflexion support.

Drop-foot is a deceptively simple name for a potentially complex problem. Patients with drop foot face significant impairments in activities of daily living and also an increased risk of stumbles and falls. Based on the experience gained over the years with the Foot-Up® orthosis we have improved the ease of use significantly and added optional medial or lateral control, to provide a better solution for drop foot patients.

Compared to the original Foot-Up the Rebound Foot-Up offers the following:

Dynamic: New strap with adjustable tension
Increased Control: Adjustable medio/lateral control
Patient Friendly: Single handed use, easily adjustable, allows barefoot walking or wearing sandals
Discreet: Contoured shape

Foot-Up Comparison

The condition can be brought on as a result of damage or injury to the brain, spinal cord or nerves in the leg and result from any of the following:

  • Myositis
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • Stroke
  • Nerve damage in the knee
Features & Benefits


  • Easy to use
  • Don and doff with a single hand only
  • Adjustable medio / lateral control
  • Dynamic and discreet support for drop-foot or related disorders that
  • require dorsiflexion support
  • Improved function, ease of use, comfort, and quality
  • Allows for voluntary plantar flexion
  • Adjustable medio/lateral control
  • Contoured to the shape of the leg
  • Adjustable cuff strap length
  • Smart clamp facilitates one-handed donning / doffing
  • Optional Rebound Foot-Up® Foot Wrap can be used without shoes or in open shoes or sandals
Sizing Information


How to measure for a Foot-Up

Circumference of the ankle, measured around the malleoli (ankle joint)

How to measure for a Foot-Up

Size Ankle Circ. (mm) Black
Small - Medium 180 - 250 RFU50001
Large - X-Large 260 - 330 RFU50002
Feefo Reviews

Feefo Reviews - Average 61% (18 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment Our Response
28-May-2020 Product:

I have used various foot-up splints from various brands, one from Ossur also. This one (Rebound) is a next level splint. This gives me two step adjustment which earlier splints were failed to give.

I highly recommend Rebound Foot-up.
15-Oct-2019 Product:

Easy fitting brace. Can expect a life of 500km of strenuous walking or running out of this product, which seems reasonable to me.
06-Jul-2019 Product:

Performs well and helps my walking.
08-Jun-2019 Product:

Overpriced rubbish , the insert in the shoe pops out under any pressure from the strap Please see the service reply in regards to your feedback.
04-May-2019 Product:

Used this to counter foot drop when running. It fits easily to shoe and provides an adjustable amount of pull up. With the eyelet fixing method (rather than the flexible plate) the mediolateral stability is surprisingly good. Worn for about 100km so far and no sign of wear. Morning

Thank you for the taking time to give us this product feedback.

We always like to hear from our customers.
14-Mar-2019 Product:

Great quality. V happy. Love that this is adjustable. We appreciate you taking time to give us this positive product feedback.
19-Oct-2018 Product:

Excellent and well made product. Perfect for my disability
25-Aug-2018 Product:

great great great great great
16-Aug-2018 Product:

The Rebound Foot-Up is a great advance on the original version. I have therefore shelved the originals and now utilize the Rebound totally. Most comfortable and quite discreet. Hopefully we’ll see a neutral color added in due course, just like the beige version of the original Foot-UP
28-May-2017 Product:

Only one "button" to hook the strap onto. This means it can only be used with one pair of shoes. Ridiculous - does Ossur expect us to buy a new device for every pair of shoes or sandals?
Sand it isn't possible to buy extra - why on earth not?
23-Apr-2017 Product:

I only need a small part. Not possible. Bad.
29-Mar-2017 Product:

I couldn't get on with this at all I'm afraid - the anklet seemed very stiff and heavy and the attachment system fiddly (with small bits that could easily get lost). So I sent it back unworn. I much prefer the old version of the Foot Up. I was impressed to receive a full refund.
27-Feb-2017 Product:

Very disappointed with what I thought looked like a great advance over the original Foot-Up which I use daily. The ankle-cuff is very neat and comfortable while the shoe inlay and fixing arrangement are most inventive. However the buckle and and connection strap just do not work. It does hold up the... Read More.
24-Feb-2017 Product:

Updated version of my Foot up
21-Feb-2017 Product:

Failed within 200 meters and 10 minutes of use.
21-Feb-2017 Product:

I think the cuff part of the Rebound foot-up is an improvement on the earlier foot-up and is very comfortable to wear. However I found that the connection to the shoe less satisfactory. With the shoe inlay fitted under the shoe laces it is quite difficult to slip the keyhole part of the connecting... Read More.
20-Feb-2017 Product:

Brilliant! Very happy with this purchase
20-Feb-2017 Product:

1. Could do with a lighter colour
2. Could do with the option of more studs so you can leave them in shoes.
3.So far it appears to be working better th an the previous foot up we will have to see how it lasts.
4. Just a personal wish anything that could be done to make it more ladylike,...
Read More.
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Feefo reviews : Average 61% (18 reviews)

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