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Elbow Supports

Elbow Supports

Elbow injuries can be painful and debilitating which is why finding the right elbow supports is essential in being able to effectively manage your injury. All of our elbow supports are NHS recommended.

We offer an extensive range of bracing including elbow supports but if you have any questions you can get in touch via webchat or by phone and we’d be happy to help.

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The benefit of wearing an elbow support

An elbow support is designed to help manage the symptoms of conditions such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow and inflammation from overuse or impact injuries. They work by applying compression to the affected area, whether with elbow bands in applying pressure to a specific area or through a sleeve by offering compression over a greater surface area (especially important for general bruising following a trip or fall).

Sources of elbow injuries

The arm is in use across almost all forms of sport and exercise. You need to bend your elbow and swing your arms to aid in propulsion during walking and running. The arm muscles work hard to bend the elbow and produce the movement required to bowl a cricket ball, swing a racquet or throw a dart. Overuse of the muscles and tendons of the joint can lead to injury and pain. The use of an elbow brace in the application of compression is a common tool to aid in a person’s rehabilitation.

Injuries can happen as a result of impact i.e. a fall or through overuse. Following impact damage you will typically experience swelling of the joint and surrounding area which can impair mobility, in more severe cases broken bones may be the end result. Swelling following a fall is largely self-limiting and some rest and ice to manage the inflammation will do the job, though to enhance mobility and offer proprioceptive benefits many opt to wear an elbow sleeve.

For more information visit our elbow injuries section.

Elbow Support or Elbow Brace? What is the difference?

These are rather generic terms which essentially mean the same thing, offering support to the elbow region following an injury in the form of compression. What is important is diagnosis to establish the type of support or brace required to manage your injury effectively.

What are my options?

It’s a good question as you can be met with loads of different products which all look very similar but could in fact be designed to manage different conditions, so selecting the right one is important to your ongoing rehabilitation:

Elbow Sleeves: A sleeve is designed to offer compression across a greater area i.e. where you have fallen and suffered bruising to the elbow joint and surrounding area. This compression helps to reduce inflammation, which can reduce pain levels and increase your overall mobility. Typically elbow sleeves will sit at the top of your forearm and run up to mid bicep to ensure it covers the joint and surrounding areas.

Elbow Bands: As the name suggests a band is a smaller device compared to that of a sleeve, designed to be applied to a specific area. An elbow band will typically be used in the treatment of tennis or golfers elbow, where the requirement is to apply compression to the outside (lateral) or inside (medial) of the joint (the epicondyle). The design also allows you to either tighten or loosen the band depending on your needs i.e. tighten when performing an activity which causes discomfort and loosening when resting. Whilst the conditions themselves should heal naturally within a couple of years the use of a band can help to reduce inflammation, which can help you remain mobile for longer.

If you’re still unsure then contact us and we can help you out.

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