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Ankle Supports

Ankle Supports

Why should I wear an ankle brace?

An ankle support or brace can be worn following an injury as part of your overall rehabilitation programme. Typically this includes general rest, physiotherapy and gentle exercise or stretching of the affected area.

Depending on the extent of the injury you may require compression, stability of the joint or both. Compression helps to management inflammation and with it reduce pain. Stability comes in the form of an ankle strap which acts as an external ligament to minimise the risk of you rolling your ankle.

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The Össur Webshop Knowledge Centre

Selecting the right support or brace can be challenging. At the Össur Webshop we try to make things simple so that you can find the one you need fast. On the left hand side of the screen we have a list of filters so you can choose by ankle brace type or the injury you wish to manage.

If you’re still unsure which ankle support to select then feel free to contact us a member of our team can help.

Which level of support do I need?

The type of ankle injury sustained and its severity will influence the level of support your ankle needs. Here’s an idea of what to look out for.

Low: Designed to offer ankle support for mild injuries, with the main focus being on the application of compression to help manage inflammation and swelling.

Low to Moderate: Where there is instability an ankle strap or splint may be used to help minimise the risk of the ankle rolling (sideways movement) when mobile.

Moderate to High: If you’re looking for a higher level of stability following a grade 1 or 2 ankle injury then you may need to look at something which offers a greater control over the range of motion of the ankle. This can help to protect you when active.

High: Where there is a requirement to control the movement of the joint and prevent or treat sprains whilst remaining active then a high level of support should be worn. The Form Fit Ankle Support with Figure 8 Strap offers a laced up design to offer compression and stability. The ankle strap works to hold the joint and prevent movements which would stretch the damaged ligament.

Can I wear a brace for sport?

Providing there are no rigid parts to your ankle brace then they can be worn on the field of play. In certain sports such products are quite visible on the ankles of players i.e. tennis.

Due to the lightweight and breathable materials used they can be worn with your existing footwear for running, football, tennis or rugby.

Which injuries can be treated?

As every injury is different it’s important to obtain a clinical diagnosis to understand the type and severity of your injury. Once you have your diagnosis you can select the best ankle brace you’re your specific injury.

  • If you’ve suffered a mild sprain resulting in swelling but no instability (you can walk ok) then you just need compression.
  • If your struggling with stability but have no inflammation problems then you should seek an ankle strap.
  • If you’re seeing both inflammation and instability then you need something offering a combination of both

Selecting the best ankle brace for your injury is the first step in your recovery.

What is an ankle strap?

An ankle strap acts as an external ligament to the joint. It wraps around the joint and under the foot in a figure of 8 to minimise the risk of you rolling your ankle. Following ligament damage there is an increased risk of causing further injury when active.

You may simply need an ankle strap on it’s own, but they are also available as part of a compression ankle brace for complete protection.

Will I always need to wear one?

Typically you’ll wear an ankle support following the initial injury and during your recovery. It’s important to work on strengthening exercises to minimise the risk of future injury. Many people will continue to wear one for certain activities to offer an additional level of protection or where the terrain promotes a greater risk i.e. trail running.

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