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Ankle Supports

Ankle Supports

Selecting an ankle support can be a difficult task. With so many options, styles and manufacturers to choose from just where do you start?

At the Össur Webshop we try to make things simple so that you can find the right one fast. You can refine your results (on the left) by the level of support required, the primary focus of the brace, the injury you wish to manage and many many more.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for then don’t despair. You can get in touch with a member of our team on webchat or by picking up the phone, we’re here to help and guide you through your journey to full fitness.

The Össur Webshop Knowledge Centre

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What does it mean by support level?

We’ve introduced a support level filter to help you narrow your search based on the level of support you need and here are what the different options mean:

Low: An ankle support offering a low level of support is designed for mild sprains, with the main focus being on the application of compression to help manage inflammation and swelling.

Low to Moderate: Where there is instability in the joint a strap based support may be used. Rigid supports are also available to minimise the risk of the ankle rolling (sideways movement) when mobile.

Moderate to High: If you’re looking for a higher level of stability following a grade 1 or 2 ankle injury then you may need to look at something which offers a greater control of the range of motion of the ankle to help protect you when active.

High: Where there is a requirement to control the movement of the joint and prevent or treat sprains whilst remaining active then an ankle support offering a high level of support should be worn. The Form Fit Ankle Support with Figure 8 Strap offers a laced up design to offer compression and stability, with the figure of 8 strap working to hold the ankle and prevent movements which would stretch the damaged ligament.

What is the difference between an ankle brace and an ankle support?

They are effectively the same thing. Both ankle supports and braces are designed to manage injuries relating to the ankle.

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