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Supports & Braces

Supports & Braces

Össur is a global leader in non-invasive orthopaedics and prosthetics and has been supplying the NHS for over 10 years with supports and braces as well as working with hospitals, private clinics and the general public the world over.

Over its 40 year existence the business has strived for continuous innovation to offer the latest in technology and market leading bracing, including products to manage specific debilitating complaints such as osteoarthritis of the knee and hip osteoarthritis along with other sporting or day to day injuries in the best possible way.

The Össur webshop was set up as a user friendly way to bring the best quality supports and braces straight to the people that need them, without having to go through medical professionals. This means that whatever injury supports you may need, you are able to purchase them quick and easily online at a reasonable price. You can rest assured that as a leader in non-invasive orthopaedics, our supports and braces are of the highest quality to support your injury recovery, both in the short term and the long term. All of our supports and braces are recommended by the NHS.

If you need any help in identifying the right brace then you can chat to us online, drop us an email or speak with a member of our team.

The Össur Webshop Knowledge Centre

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Selecting the right brace

Diagnosis can be the most important thing to know before selecting an injury support.

If you know the injury / condition you wish to manage then selecting the right supports and braces becomes a lot easier.

When selecting a injury support ensure that it is designed to manage your specific condition and severity.

The severity of your injury is important to understand as that could be the difference between selecting a compressive ankle wrap to manage inflammation and one with external straps to offer both compression and stability. If you have a severe sprain and don’t select a stability support then you run the risk of causing further damage when active as you won’t be fully supported.

The brands to look out for

The Össur Formfit® Pro range of supports and braces provides users with the support they may need to manage and recover from common injuries to the ankle, knee, wrist, back and elbow. Manufactured using trademarked technology such as MotionTech, CoolVent and FoldLock, among others, means that the Össur Formfit Pro range provides support and compression along with quality and comfort.

The Össur Form Fit range of supports and braces is manufactured by Össur and provides injury support for the ankle, knee, wrist and elbow. Manufactured from neoprene they are designed with over 40 years of experience in both orthotics and prosthetics to offer you one of the best brace son the market.

3 reasons that customers choose Össur:

  • Trusted by the NHS, doctors and clinicians
  • Over 1 million braces sold worldwide
  • Free delivery on orders over £25