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The CTi - unparalleled protection from knee ligament damage

The CTi knee brace is a performance ligament brace for those undertaking extreme or high impact sports such as skiing, snowboarding, motocross and wakeboarding. It is worn by both amateurs and professionals across all disciplines, UK names such as motocross freestyle team Bolddog and globally even rock stars Slipknot sport have a pair each.

What is it manufactured from?

The rigid carbon fibre frame is designed to protect the knee joint against impact damage, something extremely important in impact sports as damaging the knee joint can put you out of action for a considerable amount of time or even end your career. As well as protecting the knee joint it is designed to minimise unnatural movements by maintaining bone alignment, as twisting of the knee can result in ligament damage which is something the CTi is designed to prevent.

What is it designed to protect?

It is designed to protect the ligaments of the knee. Ligaments are the tough band of tissue connecting the bones at the knee joint and are key to being able to walk naturally. 40% of all ligament damage occurs as a result of high impact sports, which covers not only the extreme sports of skiing and wakeboarding but football and tennis and therefore the use of a brace is key in offering adequate protection. The term high impact refers to anything impacting on the joints, for which football and tennis require a great deal of pivoting on the joint and bursts of speed which can take their toll on the knee joint.

For more information on knee ligament surgery, what happens and how to manage your recovery check out the NHS website.

What is a knee ligament?

The ligament itself is responsible for maintaining stabilisation, with any damage sustained affecting that natural stabilisation. Surgery is often the only remedy following a ligament injury, though 90% are completely successful leading to a full recovery. Following surgery however you can expect to be out of action for up to one year, which increases the importance of protecting your knee with a suitable knee brace to avoid such a lengthy recovery period.

The CTi knee brace is worn by sporting professionals throughout the world to protect against ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL injuries, knowing the importance of staying clear from injury so they can continue competing at the highest level.

How to get one

The brace is professionally fitted by clinician to ensure you get the right size, as well as offering you training on fitting so that you can ensure you are fully protected every time you use it. For more information on the CTi or to arrange an appointment to have one fitted click here, call 08450 054 040 or email ukreferrals@ossur.com.