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Össur Webshop Blog

The Össur Webshop blog brings you information on the latest major sporting events, help and information on exercise and in the management of sports injuries as well as rehabilitation and recovery techniques.

  • Össur Announces Official Partnership With Iceland‘s World Cup Football Team

    To celebrate the launch of the new Össur Formfit Pro range, Össur is partnering with the National Football Association of Iceland. For the first time in its history, Iceland will participate in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With just 350,000 inhabitants, Iceland is the smallest nation ever to qualify f...

  • There’s no need to feel afraid about growing older

    At Össur, we make it our mission to keep people active for longer, regardless of their age, as we understand the importance of being able to continue doing the things we love most after an injury. However, despite life expectancy in the UK now at its highest, there is still stigma attached to growi...

  • Older and Bolder: Meet Sarah Dawkins

    Sarah is a registered nurse, health coach, author, trainer and multi-award winning entrepreneur - but her journey to become the person she is today was by no means easy. For three years, Sarah combatted depression, turning to alcohol as a comfort that she thought was normal and under control. Howeve...

  • Older and Bolder: Meet Nadia Smith

    Nadia is a Qi Gong therapist and posture specialist who hasn’t let two metal hip replacements or her age stop her from doing what she loves. Before having children, Nadia, who is half Belgian, trained as an interpreter until her firstborn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Nadia said: “Both our ...

  • 14 things every golf enthusiast should know about the British Open

    The British Open takes place this year at Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, in the north-west of England. The tournament is the 146th British Open and takes place from 16th - 23rd July. It is expected to attract huge crowds from all over the UK and beyond. The previous two British Opens have ta...

  • Top facts about the Swimming World Aquatics Champs in Budapest

    Back in 2015, Hungary did not expect to be hosting the 17th FINA Swimming World Aquatics Championships in two years’ time. The 2017 event was originally scheduled to be staged in the Mexican city of Guadalajara, with Budapest hosting the 2021 championships; however, the 2017 event looked to be in ...

  • What is the root cause of shoulder pain?

    The shoulder is an amazing joint, when you think about all the directions in which it can move. The shoulder joint not only keeps the upper arm in place, but it allows the arm to perform its many functions, while giving it the freedom to move in a variety of ways: rotate, swing, lift and descend. Ho...

  • What can happen if you don’t treat a knee injury properly?

    For most people, healthy knees are an important part of a happy existence. Imagine having a knee that cannot bend, or lacks the stability to lock and support your body. Without functioning knees, living an active life is much more difficult, therefore it pays to take care of these vital joints and g...

  • Essential cycling equipment so you can enjoy the open road

    If you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit, you may well have headed to your nearest bike shop and bought yourself a shiny new road or mountain bike; after all, cycling is excellent for cardiovascular fitness, weight loss and mental health and wellbeing. Once you have invested in your bike, yo...

  • The best exercises to prevent knee and ankle injuries

    Ankle and knee injuries are something that most people will experience at least once (and probably many times) in their lifetime. These joints are vulnerable for several reasons, including: their complex designs. They have numerous working parts which can go wrong; they take a pounding during everyd...

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