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The 10 most stupid ways people have injured themselves

If you have ever suffered the embarrassment of walking into a door or stepping on a garden rake only to have it hit you in the face (cue Side Show Bob), you might understand where we are coming from with this article. It doesn't take much for accidents to happen, and very often injuries can occur due to the silliest things.

Far from being a safe haven, accidents in the home are far more likely than when at work or on the roads. Each year, about 6,000 people die as a result of accidents in the home. Over 2 million under fifteens are admitted to Accident and Emergency every year and incidents in the home cost the UK about £45.6 billion per year.

Reddit users got together to create one of the most hilarious and cringeworthy threads ever, sharing some of the dumbest ways they ended up hurting themselves. So, if you have been hurt as a result of doing something stupid, you are not alone! We have all made bad choices in life, and the examples below are just some of the potential consequences!

1. Knives, peelers and other sharp implements.

Don’t forget that knife you are holding! One sheepish contributor recounted the story of her latest visit to A&E. Having dropped her fork at the dinner table, she bent down to pick it up, only to forget that she was holding a steak knife in her other hand. Her injuries were severe enough to require a visit from a psychiatrist who wanted to talk about why she felt depressed enough to attempt suicide. Apparently it took a whole lot of talking and reassurance before the doctors and nurses finally accepted the real and rather silly reason for her cut wrist!

2. Cereal burns

The jury is still very much out in deciding how on earth someone could burn themselves making cereal, but that was the claim made by a very red faced Reddit member. Let's all try hard not to find out the hard way exactly how that could happen!

On a more serious note, an average of 13 under four year olds are admitted to hospital each day with serious scalds or burns. Parents - watch that cuppa!

3. Falls

Falls are by far the most common causes of injury. Many involve stairs or even windows, but some people don’t need a trip hazard to find themselves flat on their face. One Reddit member visited her GP with a badly sprained ankle, only to fall over in front of the doctor and sprain a wrist too! Sometimes a floor which looks deceptively flat and unimpaired can be as dangerous as a skate board on ice, or so it seems.

4. Staple smart

Accidents involving staplers are also pretty common. You might expect these to mostly involve kids, but rumour has it that a surprisingly large number of adults also present with staple related injuries.

5. Hair straightening nightmares

Time Out magazine asked readers to reveal their most preventable injuries. Hair straighteners featured prominently, with one anonymous individual admitting to receiving a serious burn trying to hold her straighteners in her mouth whilst styling. Not the brightest of ideas, but apparently one made by quite a large number of fashionistas - in fact, 17 percent of adults have managed to burn themselves using hair straighteners and other electrical beauty products.

6. Photocopiers

Accidents at work are also very common. Whether it’s a trip or fall as a result of a wet floor or an injury which has occurred as a result of faulty equipment, colleagues are usually very sympathetic. But what if a person sustains an injury doing something silly?

Another red faced reader of Time Out admitted to breaking the glass in the photocopier while trying to capture an image of his bare bottom. It must have been an awkward one to explain to the doctors in A&E, where he had to attend for stitches. Judging by this video however, this might be a more regular occurrence than one might think.

7. Clothing

Getting dressed seems like a fairly sedate activity, and one which the majority of us achieve without mishap every day. But did you know that almost 6,000 people hurt themselves putting on their trousers each year? It might seem like an incredibly obvious mistake, but many of these occurred because individuals were attempting to pull their trousers up whilst walking downstairs.

Socks and tights are other seemingly innocuous items of clothing which see people making a trip to the doctor. And an incredible 3,421 people are hurt each year in accidents involving clothes baskets!

8. The bedroom

Believe it or not, it is the bedroom and living room, not the kitchen, where most accidents take place within the home. With rugs to trip unsuspecting people up and the risk of toddlers pulling their parents hot drinks down on to themselves our most relaxing rooms are also the most hazardous.

It was a torn thigh muscle and three months of physio for one unlucky sleepyhead when he tried to kick the duvet off himself a little too hard!

9. Sneezing

There are lots of stories to be found about people getting injured when sneezing. It seems such a simple bodily function and one which we all love to hate, but which rarely causes us much more than a bit of discomfort. But for an unlucky few, sneezing can do much more harm. Whether it’s a slipped disc or a couple of broken teeth, it’s hard to imagine how just a sneeze could cause such devastation, but it seems anything is possible!

10. Trees, leaves and root vegetables

Every year thousands of people are injured in accidents involving trees. Most of these involved children under the age of fifteen. Climbing trees is one of the many childhood activities which we all look back on fondly so it is unsurprising that this is the case. However, a small minority of the 1,243 people who recently required treatment after a tree fall were over the age of 75! A little under 2,000 incidents involved individuals walking into or cutting their hands on tree trunks and a further 1,200 were the result of leaves. But it is boiling vegetables which seems to be the most hazardous in this category, accounting for over 13,000 injuries!

Other notable statistics include:

  • 1,543 people needed medical treatment after accidents which involved tissue paper.
  • 59 injuries caused by blu-tack.
  • Over 37,000 accidents with slippers.
  • 96,000 individuals hurt while asleep.
  • Just shy of 900,000 people injured attempting to copy movie stunts and sports stars.

Some of the statistics outlined above tell us that accidents are all too easy, whether in the home, at work or out and about. And while it can be fun to laugh at some of the silly things we have all done in the past, some of our actions can and do cause serious injury!

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROPSA) stresses the fact that accidents are most likely to happen in the home, and warns that we need to take extra care in making decisions which will not result in a preventable incident.