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A detailed review of Premier League injuries (November 2015)

The Premier League continues to dominant the sports headlines and remains one of the best leagues in the world, attracting millions of fans from around the world every week.

Each month we will be bring you an overview of the types of injuries seen in the league. Last month a total of 98 players were unavailable for their teams and with the festive period almost upon us, everyone will be looking for a full strength squad for what is the one of the most important times of the season.

Premier League November 2015 Injuries Review Infographic


Success however is not always dictated by the number of players available to a manager. Whilst Leicester may be flying high in the table and only have 1 player out, Liverpool top the injury table yet have seen a change in fortunes since the arrival of Klopp and are moving up the league themselves.

Joining the reds at the top of the injury table however are Newcastle followed by Bournemouth, both of whom would love to be able to emulate Liverpool's recent form.

The injury league table is broken down as follows:

Ankle & Foot Injuries = 18

Ankle Injury 3
Ankle Ligament Injury 4
Ankle Sprain 4
Ankle Surgery 2
Broken Ankle 1
Foot Surgery 2
High Ankle Sprain 1
Metatarsal Fracture 1

Calf, Shin and Heel injuries = 8

Calf Strain 5
Double Leg Fracture 1
Fibula Fracture 1
Tibial Stress Fracture 1

Groin, Hip and Pelvic injuries = 6

Groin Strain 4
Hip Injury 1
Hip Surgery 1

Knee Injuries = 28

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury - ACL Injury 11
Cartilage Injury 1
Combined ACL and MCL rupture 1
Dislocated Knee 1
Knee Injury 4
Knee Ligament Injury 1
Knee Surgery 3
Medial Knee Ligament Injury - MCL Injury 3
Meniscus Tear 2
Patellar Tendon Rupture 1

Thigh Injuries = 19

Dead Leg 1
Hamstring Injury 1
Hamstring Strain 15
Quadriceps Strain 1
Tight Hamstring 1

Other Injuries = 9

Knock 2
Lacking Match Fitness 3
Muscular Injury 2
Personal Reasons 2

Suspensions = 10

5 Yellow Cards 8
Sending Off - Red Card 2


Source: http://premierinjuries.com/