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A complete Premier League injury analysis (January 2016)

There are just 15 games left of the 2015/16 season and we still remain surprised by many of the things we have seen. Who would have thought that Chelsea would only be 7 points from safety? That Leicester would be top of the league and have gone from 5000/1 to just 10/1 to be there come June? And that Man Utd would have turned into a team who would be very happy with UEFA qualification?

For the neutral however it’s been a great season and with nothing guaranteed who knows what will happen in the final few months.

At the top of the table Leicester continue to dominate and are 3 points ahead of Man City and Arsenal, with Tottenham currently occupying the fourth Champions League spot. No wonder Mauricio Pochettino has been put forward as a contender to become the next Chelsea boss.

At the other end of the table it is not looking good for Aston Villa who effectively rolled over in their FA Cup tie with Man City at the weekend and with just 13 points relegation seems like an almost forgone conclusion given that they are 6 points behind Sunderland and 10 points from safety.

Premier League January 2016 Injuries Review Infographic

Is there a correlation between injuries and league position?

It’s an interesting question and one managers typically use when asked about their performance but if we look at the stats from last month then being top of the injury table doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll be somewhere near the bottom.

Newcastle currently sit at the top of the injury table and occupy one of the three relegation spaces, so a pretty good example of there being a correlation. Liverpool and Man Utd however take second and third respectively in the Premier League injury table but both are challenging for Europe so perhaps there is no correlation?

Let’s take a look at the other end of the table. Watford and Tottenham sit at the bottom of the table but are looking quite favourable in the league but what about Sunderland? They only have 3 players out injured but are languishing in 19th position so with a full strength squad what is the problem? Simply put it seems they are just not good enough with the players they have but Big Sam is an expert in avoiding relegation so there is hope yet.

In answer to the question posed it seems that there is no clear correlation between injuries and league position as it depends on the size of the squad and in Sunderland’s case, the quality.

Premier League Injuries by Team - February 2016


What are the most common injuries?

There are currently 102 absentees in the Premier League of which the top three most common areas of the body are all the lower body, as would be expected.

Knee injuries totalled 28 with damage to the ACL being the most common with 9 absentees, followed by 5 cases of MCL damage. As we know, damage to the ligaments within the knee can be quite serious and result in a lengthy spell on the sidelines if surgery is required.

Thigh injuries sit in second place with 18 thigh strains and 3 quad strains. We would normally expect this in a running based sport and again the grading of the injury will determine the time a player spends in the physio room.

In third place there are 14 foot and ankle injuries covering a variety of ailments, with 3 sprains, 3 ligament injuries and 2 players requiring foot surgery.

Premier League Injuries by area of the Body - February 2016


Who are the unlucky clubs?

We now know that 62% of all injuries cover the knee, thigh and foot and ankle but which teams are suffering the most from this?

If we look at knee injuries then Bournemouth sit at the top of the table with 4 players out, with Everton and Liverpool just behind them in both having 3 players out.

Newcastle top the table for thigh injuries with 5 players out of action, with Liverpool featuring again with their 4 players currently on the sidelines.

Finally, the foot and ankle injuries are more spread out with just Aston Villa and Man Utd having 2 players out with a further ten teams only having 1 player out.

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