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The ultimate Premier League injury review (December 2015)

The Christmas period is one of the most challenging times of the season, with a quick succession of games that can make or break a team’s season. There were still calls for a winter break, most notably by Jürgen Klopp who claimed that a lack of a winter break was harming the England National Team but come France we may well use this excuse (among others) should it all go pear shaped again.

Premier League December 2015 Injuries Review Infographic

December saw a reduction in the number of players out of action with only 89 on the sidelines compared to 98 in November.

Injuries by Team

Newcastle remain at the top of the table, with Liverpool dropping a place to second, but last month’s 3rd place Bournemouth dropped to 6th by getting 4 of their players out on the treatment room. At the other end of the table there were a few changes with Watford dropping to the bottom of the table in reducing their injuries from 4 to 2 and taking the coveted spot from Swansea who took second bottom.

Obviously the number of injuries a team has does not necessarily dictate league position but it helps to have a full strength squad. Typically the bigger teams can cope with more injuries due to their strength in depth whilst struggling clubs like Aston Villa need a full strength squad to have any hope of staying in the Premier League.

Team Number of Injuries
Newcastle United 10
Liverpool 9
Arsenal 7
Aston Villa 6
Southampton 6
AFC Bournemouth 5
Crystal Palace 5
Everton 5
Manchester United 5
Chelsea 4
Stoke City 4
Sunderland 4
West Ham United 4
Leicester City 3
Manchester City 3
Tottenham Hotspur 3
West Bromwich Albion 3
Norwich City 2
Swansea City 2
Watford 2

If we start to take a look at the breakdown of injuries there was a huge reduction in ankle and foot injuries from November, dropping from 18 to 10, though the ligament injuries are the most serious and depending on the severity can rule a player out for a significant amount of time, just look at Jack Wilshere.

Injuries by Body Part

Knee injuries increased slightly with again the ACL being the most serious of these and topping the list for the second month running. Damage to the ACL can result in anything from a few weeks to a full season out of action depending on surgical requirements and the length of rehabilitation the player requires.

The other notable injury to highlight is hamstring strains which saw an increase from 15 to 22 and again another common injury among footballers. The hamstring sits behind the top of the leg and is susceptible to injury when players are repeatedly sprinting from a standing start. There are 3 grades of injury from a mild sprain to a complete rupture which would normally require surgery and a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

Ankle & Foot Injuries


Ankle Ligament Injury 4
Ankle Surgery 2
Foot Surgery 2
Ankle Sprain 1
Foot Injury 1

 Calf, Shin & Heel Injuries


Calf Strain 5
Double Leg Fracture 1
Fibula Fracture 1
Heel Injury 1
Tibial Stress Fracture 1

Groin, Hip & Pelvic Injuries


Groin Strain 5
Hip Injury 2
Groin Surgery 1

Knee Injuries


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury - ACL Injury 10
Knee Surgery 5
Knee Injury 4
Medial Knee Ligament Injury - MCL Injury 4
Cartilage Injury 1
Combined ACL and MCL rupture 1
Dislocated Knee 1
Lateral Knee Ligament Sprain - LCL Injury 1
Meniscus Tear 1
Patellar Tendon Rupture 1

Lower Back Injuries


Lower Back Pain 1

Shoulder Injuries


Dislocated Shoulder 1

Thigh Injuries


Hamstring Strain 22
Quadriceps Strain 2



Muscular Injury 2
Lacking Match Fitness 1



Sending Off - Red Card 2
Sending Off - Two Yellow Cards 1
5 Yellow Cards 1


Source: http://premierinjuries.com/