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A list of some great BMX tricks and superstar riders

BMX has been mainstream for a number of decades, with the likes of Matt Hoffman bringing the sport to the limelight, leading to cameo roles on the likes of Jackass and even the odd video game. Together Hoffman and Tony Hawk were the poster boys of BMX and skateboarding respectively and helped to inspire a whole new generation to take up the sport and push the boundaries even further.

In this article we wanted to take a look at some of the most common and extreme tricks on the circuit, as well as taking a look at some of the most well known personalities and what they are capable of.

Different disciplines

There are a host of disciplines available to the BMX rider, with the likes of BMX racing becoming more mainstream and following the same format as MX racing, with 8 riders taking one lap around a custom built course. There are a host of jumps and rollers to add to the challenge but all in all it’s about a sprint to the finish.

BMX racing also featured at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing for the very first time, appearing again at London 2012 and again helping to publicise the sport further.

Aside from racing there are the X Games disciplines where it’s all about tricks, covering the half pipe and the BMX dirt freestyle challenge.

Beginner Tricks

We all have to start somewhere and we all start with the basics. Even the greats started out with a tabletop before moving on to some of the more extreme stunts.

Tabletop: Seen as one of the first aerial moves a new rider will attempt and having been around since the 70’s it offers nostalgia as well as a challenge for the newbie.

Turndown: Can be used on its own or in conjunction with another trick to offer a smooth finish, but the 180 turndown is considered by many to be something all decent riders strive for. A combination move may include a grind up a rail with a stylish turndown to complete.

Handrail: Grinding offers unlimited possibilities to combine with our tricks but nothing beats a long rail. When you’re starting out just a mini rail will do the job, working your way up to a steep rail for maximum speed. The biggest challenge once you’re up there is landing it and riding away with style.

Redbull have put together a list of the 10 most timeless BMX tricks which covers some of those discussed above as well as a few other favourites.

Advanced Tricks

When you’ve mastered the basics it’s time to take on something more extreme and push yourself.

360: One of the more adventurous but for the spectator there is nothing better than a pure floated 360 with a slow spin. Again, it can be combined with an infinite number of variations to add a little bit more style to the run.

No-hander: When you’re getting air, spread your arms like an eagle and soar. This timeless classic is still a crowd favourite and can even be done suicide style by pinching your knees, either way the longer you hold your arms out the better.

Nothing: As the name suggests it’s all about doing nothing and being natural. When you’ve hit a big jump sometimes just being natural on your bike can be the most effective trick. There is also a trick by the same name which involves a no hander and no footer which is also a pretty cool trick to look out for (as in the video below).

Extreme BMX Stunts

The internet is awash with stunt videos, with professionals and amateurs alike showing what they are capable of achieving. We came across this one showing some pretty dangerous but mesmerising stunts on your BMX.

Who are the most famous BMX riders?

It’s a difficult question to answer, with so many riders to pick from, all with their own unique style and set of accomplishments. Others have attempted to list the top 20 BMX street riders of all time so we thought we would use this as a guide and pick some of the stand out talent from this list along with some cool videos of them in action.

Matt Hoffman

Regarded as one of the best vert ramp rider’s period, he shot to the bigtime at the age of 15 by becoming the youngest SPROO to join the freestyle BMX circuit. He is credited with creating over 100 tricks and in defining the vert discipline as we know it. He is also the only person to ever complete a no-handed 900 within a competition.

His career has also taken him base jumping in Norway (taking his bike of course) and into Hollywood where he has been involved in the likes of Jackass (both the movie and the television series where he normally featured with Tony Hawks) and Triple X with Vin Diesel, not to mention his video game series in partnership with Activision.

It may be from 2008 but here is a great video of Hoffman in action breaking his own ‘Highest Air World Record’ with a figure of 26 feet. As you can see even the greats suffer the odd fall but he gets back up and on his bike to try again.

Tom Dugan

Born in 1988 Dugan was brought up in Austin, Texas and started riding at 10 years old. Career awards include the 2012 X Games and is seen as one of the best in his class, bringing some of the freshest tricks to the circuit.

See Tom in action with Aaron Ross and a Lamborghini of all things.

Dennis Enarson

Considered one of the best freestyle riders in his ability to adapt to different streets and terrain and mostly known for his cannonball barspins which combines some of the basic moves riders will learn along with a few more advanced moves, all in all a pretty cool trick.

Other Extreme Stunts

The world of sport is full of extreme stunts, with every adrenaline junkie attempting to outdo the last. We came across this video which shows some epic stunts across all manner of sports and well worth a watch.