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Older and Bolder: Meet the Woodcock twins

Reg and Ray Woodcock have been racing enthusiasts for nearly four decades, and the 79-year-old twins from Solihull have no intention of slowing down yet - despite having to make a couple of pit stops for ‘running repairs’.

The twins live a stone’s throw away from one another in Cheswick Green, and have never lost the enthusiasm for speed that made them a driver and mechanic double-act known on the top racing circuits of Britain and Europe.

Both were founding members of the Silverstone Racing Club, chalking up an amazing 71 wins in their 35 years of Club Car Racing with Reg bringing his fearless style of competitiveness to the track between 1963 and 1998.

Ray, who was the mechanic half of the double act, said: “You could hear them saying ‘here come the bloomin’ Woodcock twins’ when we turned up at the track. Reg really did put them on their guard. He was a fearless driver with all the skills and everyone knew they’d have a race on their hands when they saw Reg on the starting grid.”


Today, the brothers own twelve motorbikes between them, including two Vincent 1000cc collector’s items, as well as an array of racing cars, including a 1960 TR3, a six-cylinder TR5 and a Westfield 11 with a five-litre Rover V8 race engine. Most of the bikes are still in a roadworthy condition and are regularly taken out for a spin by the brothers, despite a slight snag due to their ‘aging knees’.

Ray said: “It sounds funny, but to be honest our knees were so worn we couldn’t actually get them over the bike...we both needed knee replacements so we decided that we’d have them in tandem - Reg went first and, when he’d recovered fully so that he could get about properly, I had mine done so he could then take his turn looking after me.”

The brothers, who are also long-standing members of the Solihull Rifle and Pistol Club, still ride out together - but it’s often to visit their 102-year-old mother Edith in the nearby nursing home.

Ray said: “We visit three times a week without fail. It’s always great to see her - although our trips to mum are always within the legal speed limit. Our days of breakneck speeds are well behind us, although we are both looking forward to a quick spin on the bikes once we are fully recovered from out knee ops.”