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Older and Bolder: Meet Sarah Dawkins

Sarah is a registered nurse, health coach, author, trainer and multi-award winning entrepreneur - but her journey to become the person she is today was by no means easy. For three years, Sarah combatted depression, turning to alcohol as a comfort that she thought was normal and under control. However, following a trip to the doctor, she was diagnosed with the mental illness.

Recovery began when a friend started to take Sarah to the gym once a week to take part in two one-hour classes back to back - body pump and boxercise. This, along with the discovery of mindfulness, helped her to heal her mind.

Sarah said: “My husband had been telling me to start my own business but it had been falling on deaf ears. As the seed he planted started to grow, the realisation dawned that I might be able to do something with my assignments from university.

“My turning point was a seminar called ‘Feel the Fear, and Do it Anyway’ where I realised my suffering boiled down to fear and this seminar told me that fear is a normal emotion, everyone feels it at some point in their lives. Around the same time, I had read Henry Ford’s quote somewhere, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’. I needed to do something different!”


Following this seminar, Sarah joined the university’s Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme on starting a new business. During a showcase of her business idea, she won the prize for ‘Company to Watch’ and the recognition didn’t stop there, as she was then named one of the top 15 entrepreneurs in Britain.

Sarah said:on As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that I am much stronger than I thought I was. I realise that I needed to go through troubling times to find myself. As I have emerged at the other side, I am a changed person. Age is just a number, move past it.”

Sarah posed in a bikini for a national newspaper to prove that age is just a number and shouldn’t stop anyone from being who they want to be. She is currently working on a self-help book about how to heal naturally using different techniques/therapies. For more information, visit her website.