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Dane Bowers spotted wearing an Equalizer Air Walker Boot

Last night Dane Bowers was spotted wearing an Equalizer Air Walker Boot whilst taking part in the ITV show “The Big Reunion”. Many of you will remember Dane from the soul and R&B influenced boy band “Another Level” from the late nineties. The band had a number of hits including “Freak Me” and “I Want You For Myself” before the band dissolved in 2000 and the members went their separate ways.

Dane enjoyed some success as solo artist following the breakup of the band and most notably teamed up with Victoria Beckham in the song “Out of Your Mind” which reached number two in the UK charts.

On the show last time we noticed that Dane was sporting an Equalizer Air Walker Boot as part of his rehabilitation from a tendon based complaint. The boot is an alternative to conventional casting, thereby foot and ankle support and protecting against further injury whilst allowing a person to remain mobile.

One of the most important things you can do with an injury is to let the skin breathe, which conventional casting does not allow for. The Equalizer consists of a pneumatic system which increases stability as well as manage pain and inflammation and allowing air to circulate. As the boot is designed to be worn without hindering your everyday movement it has a unique shock absorbing sole to minimise the impact from the heel strike and improve to overall level of comfort.

Typically the boot is worn following soft tissue injuries, sprains, fracture and following ankle surgery to offer the greatest amount of ankle support and protection during recovery.

We wish Dane a full and speedy recovery.

If you missed the show the visit ITV Player.