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  • How you can prepare yourself to return to sport

    When an injury forces you to take time out from a sport that you enjoy, it can almost feel like the end of the world. You probably spend far too much time focussing on everything that you’re current...

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  • Fitness after 50- what to eat and what to avoid

    Aging is something no one has control over. It is a very natural process that all living things have to go through. As a human being, as you age and grow older, there will be many changes that you wil...

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  • Injuries caused by football

    Association Football is the single most popular sport in the UK. Over 240 million players are registered worldwide and there are millions more recreational players. Statistically, there are more injur...

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  • Trusted by the NHS, doctors and clinicians
  • Over 1 million braces sold worldwide
  • Free standard delivery on all UK orders