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Ankle Supports

Ankle Supports

An injury to the foot or ankle is very common with up to 1.5 million visits to A&E each year being attributed to ankle injuries.

There are three different grades of injury that can determine which ankle support you need and what might be suitable. A grade one sprain is where there is a mild stretch of the ligaments resulting in swelling and whilst painful you should see signs of healing following a few days of rest. A grade two is where there is a tear to the ligament which will result in inflammation and compromise stability. A grade three involves a complete rupture of the ligament, the result being instability of the joint and potentially a lengthy recovery period.

What is the difference between an ankle brace and an ankle support?

They are effectively the same thing. They are both designed to manage injuries relating to the ankle though typically a brace is seen as being more clinical, perhaps for immobilisation, whereas a support is to help you when active.

Which level of support do I need?

To make selecting a brace easier we’ve introduced a support level filter, allowing you to narrow your search for an ankle support based on the level of support you need.

Low: An ankle support offering a low level of support is designed for mild sprains, with the main focus typically being on the application of compression to help manage inflammation and swelling.

Low to Moderate: Where there is instability in the joint a strap based low to moderate level of support may be used. Rigid supports are also available to minimise the risk of the ankle rolling / sideways movement when mobile.

Moderate to High: Form Fit offer a laced up ankle support to offer compression and stability, with the figure of 8 strap version working as an external ligament to offer an additional level of stability following a grade one or two injury by providing a moderate to high level of support.

High: Where there is a requirement to control the movement of the joint and prevent or treat sprains whilst remaining active then an ankle support offering a high level of support should be worn, with the multiple strap design of the BioSkin Trilok restricting the range of motion of the ankle joint.

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